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Adding that 'Oomph' in a Neutral Space

Who doesn’t love neutrals? Ok well not everybody. I personally love pops of personality in a neutral palette. Not only does it highlight the more interesting features in the room but also [importantly] adds to the resale value of your home. I get a lot of clients that want to renovate bathrooms and kitchens but are nervous about adding any kind of personality because of the threat that it may affect the resale value. Another huge reason to stick with neutrals when it comes to fixed surfaces such as flooring, countertops, and tiled areas is that trends are constantly changing. The colors and materials you love today could be at the bottom of your list in 10 or 15 years. There are tons of ways to add personality into your neutral space.


You can hang more than just picture frames on a wall. The eclectic mix of furniture legs, a clock, and a ledge make you want to just study this wall.


Small, inexpensive pieces of furniture can be changed out with the seasons and years.


Pillows, curtains, and throw blankets are simple textiles to add into a living room or bedroom.


Movable pieces such as lamps with shape and color that not only add pops of color but are also functional.


So rugs aren’t exactly a cheap way to add personality into a room but if you take care of your beloved rug you can swap it out into different rooms to use it in different ways.

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