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The Psychology of a Room

What does your home say about you? Home décor is more than just ornamental- it’s a peek into the way someone’s mind works. Like art, the design of a room effects whoever is interacting within it. There’s a subconscious layer of meaning in every design choice. A room meant for entertaining may have some color with furniture arranged around a central hub (a kitchen island, a living room coffee table). A room aimed for studying or reading will be well lit with very little clutter and calming colors. Next time you’re thinking about a new look in your home office or kitchen think about not only what looks great but what works well and serves your lifestyle.

“Design is not just what it looks like. Design is how it works.” –Steve Jobs


Bright colors encourage communication and interaction while dark colors influence reflection and introversion. Cooking in an all white kitchen with polished marble floors may make you feel as if you’re walking on eggshells, but it does add sophisticated flair.


The way you display artwork speaks as much as the art itself. Arranging uniform sized picture frames in a grid pattern says organization and structure. A random layout exhibits creativity and personality.

Furniture Arrangement

There are so many possibilities to encourage conversation with furniture. Some of my favorites are round dining tables and utilizing chairs in a living room. Pay attention to how close your seating is and which direction it’s facing. A room with seating organized around a center is going to be more conversation friendly than a room with seating facing a television. A desk facing a wall would be easier to focus at than a desk facing a door or window.


The level of lighting is important in any room. You wouldn’t want to be cooking in a dim kitchen or watching a movie with a spotlight on the TV. In an area where tasks are performed you would want consistently bright lighting and maybe a light over where you’re working. A bedroom or living room would feel most comfortable with a dimmer for ambiance.

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